Plant Share by Jacquie Campbell

By Jac Campbell

Noticing early spring, I really enjoy the range of yellow/greens And have been photographing, printing and drawing with these colours since early March.

I don’t know about all of you but during this time at home I’m finding the natural world is keeping me happy and focused. I’m lucky to have a garden but I’m also enjoying seeing spring take hold during my daily exercise and I’ve even been paying attention to my struggling house plants. However there are some things I’m going to miss out on, particularly a walk in the bluebell woods at Arger Fen, wildflowers emerging in Kings Forest and the hawthorn hedges on one of my favourite Walsham walks. Luckily my favourite Cow Parsley in the churchyard is still visible.

With this in mind I’m going suggest that we use this blog to gather together fragments of seasonal growth and I will layer them together into a digital map that tells a story of Suffolk, at the height of May bloom.

I invite each of you to take a look at your individual patches of earth this week and choose a plant to share with us. It could be a much awaited seasonal bloom; the first orchid sighted on your daily walk; new growth on a jaded house plant; vegetable seedlings pushing up through the ground or even some of those fascinating and pesky weeds emerging in the cracks of the patio. Choose whatever attracts your attention.

You’re welcome to record the plant however you like. Make it easy for yourself, a drawing or photo would be great or if you paint, sculpt or write that would be perfect as well. Its lockdown, anything goes! I’d also be interested to know an approximate location of where the plant is growing; why you chose it and any names you know it by, particularly the weird and wonderful ones. Just photograph what you’ve come up with and send it to the email address in the box below, full size attachments are best.

If you’re happy to leave a postal address with Suffolk Artlink I’m going to try and share my plants with you through a series of handprinted postcards.

I’m going to be hanging about on the blog all week, I have nowhere else I need to be 😂. I’ll be posting daily inspiration and ideas and taking a look around my own garden. Feel free to post comments on the blog, I’d really appreciate the company.

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