Create #3: My Photo Journey

By Gillian Allard

Using the word ‘journey’ in its broadest possible sense, from making a cup of tea to visiting a favourite place in your village, this activity uses mobile phone photography to tell very short stories about the journeys we make in our daily lives.

Here’s an example of a journey, taken on my mobile phone. Travel with me by clicking on each image.


Here’s how to take photographs using the selfie mode and the self timer.

  • Lay your camera flat, screen face-up.
  • Tap the selfie’ symbol (a camera with a circular arrow inside) to see yourself and whatever’s above you.
  • Tap the ‘self-timer’ (a clock or stop watch symbol); that way, you’ll be able to take your photo hands-free.
  • Tap 10s (this gives you 10 seconds before the camera takes a photo), time to arrange or get out of the way (see dandelion image)
  • The self-timer will highlight in a different colour
  • Tap the shutter (taking) button
  • The phone will show you the 10 seconds counting down.


Experiment with holding the camera close to your face and selecting the point of focus.

  • Before taking your shot, tap the screen on the specific place you want the camera to focus.
  • It always a good idea to do this whenever you are taking photos.
  • A highlighted square will appear when you touch the screen to show you the area you have selected.
  • Take your photo straight away.
A view from below of dandelion heads

Activity Guide

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