Connect in Clare

By Jac Campbell, Lynn Whitehead

A walk in the Park – Clare County Park – with artist Jacqui Campbell and writer Lynn Whitehead opens up a whole new way of connecting with our a daily stroll

Our Connect programme involves artists working with local residents to identify different ways in which their community connects.

It could be through a shared walk, a cherished landmark or a significant building – there are so many ways in which people connect during their day-to-day lives, but we’re not always aware of it.

With the help of a Connect facilitator, the artist will make a creative intervention – it could be photography, through poetry and the spoken word or, as in the case of Clare, through visual art and creative writing.

Visitors to Clare County Park were given a range of suggestions for things to look out for or listen to on their regular stroll round the park, thus creating their own personalised footpath map.

One couple even made a map for their dog, as he took them on what he clearly thought was his morning walk, not theirs.

Jacqui and Lynn will be back in Clare for another Connect event soon – watch this space for more details.

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