Connect in Laxfield

By Caitlin Howells

Artist Caitlin Howells is all set to run her Connect event in Laxfield – exploring the treasures we have hidden in our sheds.

Earlier this year, Caitlin visited Laxfield Museum, where she was delighted to discover the entire contents of a resident’s shed, including rusty hinges and old screws.

With the help of her Connect facilitator, Freddie, she has arranged a clay casting workshop, in which villagers are invited to bring strange and wonderful bits and pieces stowed away in their sheds.

The workshop will take place by the Church gates on Friday, 16th October, from 11am to 1pm. We will be allocating time slots, to ensure the event is COVID-19 secure compliant, and Laxfield residents are invited to call 01986 798696 or contact to book a convenient time to attend.

The items will be pressed into clay and then cast into one of ten plaques which will be sited around the village in time for the late October village yard sale.

All items will be cleaned on the day and if you are unable to attend in person, but have an interesting old hinge, tool, bolt or key that has a Laxfield story to it, please contact us, and we’ll arrange for it to be picked up, cast and returned to you.

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