Create #5: Found Faces

By Jac Campbell

Visual thinking, imagination and photography to reveal the hidden faces of the village.

The eye loves order and looks for form in random patterns.

The face is an image we often seek out and this playful activity opens our eyes to the suggestion of faces in unexpected places.

We’ll discover fragments that, if we allow them to, will grow in our minds into complete images.

Ideally, you’ll take photos of the faces – but if that’s not possible, either jot them down at the time – a smile on a gate post, the sleepy-eyed elm – either way, please do share them with us.

Activity Guide

Click the button to download this activity guide as a PDF. If you would like to receive one of our Activity Packs in the post, please email with your full name and address, including postcode.


Take your camera out for a wander around the village; you are looking out for fragments of faces.

Most of us think about gnarly faces in trees, they’re a good starting point.

Once you’re tuned into looking, you’ll start to see them everywhere: farm equipment, gateposts and walls are always good places to look.

Can you see the faces in the photos from my Ousden walk? They’re not that obvious.

Take photos of the faces you find and share your favourites with us.

Email them as large or full-size images so that we can post them in our online gallery.

Or write a line about the faces and email it to us.

Let’s see which village reveals the strangest local characters.

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