Create #8: Coloured Days

By Dean Parkin

In this activity, we’re going to write short poems all about the colours in your village.

Think of all the different colours you would find in your village; for example, the ‘red’ letter box, the ‘green’ shop door, the ‘blue’ notice board.

Make a list of as many as you can think of—once you get going, you’ll find there are lots of them.


  • Pick four different colours—they could be red, blue, yellow, pink, green, black, white etc.
  • Write a sentence about something of that colour that you would find in your village.

Here’s an example, using red, green, blue and white. The sentences are about the village where I grew up.

Carlton Colours

Red school jumper ready, on my way to Middle School.

Mr Sheldrake’s green garden shed where he kept all the footballs I kicked over his fence.

The brooding blue sky before the thunder. We need the rain, Uncle Jack used to say.

I pass White House Farm where he worked driving tractors, clearing ditches.


Once you get going, it’s difficult to stop—write two or three poems, using different colours.

  • Do different colours make for different sorts of poems?
  • Are your brightly coloured poems more positive and uplifting than the more sombre coloured ones?
  • Or do the silvers and greys lend themselves to peaceful reflections.

Don’t forget to email your poems to us at so that we can post them to the Gallery for everyone to enjoy.


Activity Guide

Click the button to download this activity guide as a PDF. If you would like to receive one of our Activity Packs in the post, please email with your full name and address, including postcode.

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