Create #10: Your Own Lyrics

By Lynn Whitehead

Challenge yourself to write a new verse for a well-known song.

Based on what you see when you walk out of your home into your village or town, write some lyrics to fit with the tune and pattern of ‘An English Country Garden’.

We’ve printed the verse here, so that you can look at where the rhymes come, which line is a repeat and (roughly) how many beats there are in each line.

You can be as serious or silly as you like – but accentuate the positive.

An English Country Garden

How many kinds of sweet flowers grow

In an English country garden?

We’ll tell you now of some that we know,

Those we miss you’ll surely pardon.

Daffodils, heart’s ease and phlox,

Meadowsweet and lady smocks,

Gentian, lupin and tall hollyhocks,

Roses, foxgloves, snowdrops,

Blue forget-me-nots,

In an English country garden.


Here’s my bash at a few lines…

Out of my window I can see a spire,

In the ancient town of Bury.

The point reaches high, it couldn’t go much higher,

At the top it must be scary.

Pigeons think it’s such a gift,

It’s also home for many swifts,

When I’ve been away, it gives my heart a lift.

Many tourists they stop

And take a snap of it,

In the ancient town of Bury.

Send in what you come up with to – we’ll have a play around and even try to get them sung for you!

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A small bunch of forget-me-nots

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