#TinyDance Suffolk

By Tim Casson

Tim Casson & Friends present their brand new #TinyDance, based on what people love about living in their village.

Inspired by postcards sent in from Combs, Laxfield and Risby, the wonderful artwork created during Connect sessions, and all the great chats we’ve had with participants, Tim Casson & Friends have created a unique Make, Do & Friends dance to celebrate all that you love about living in rural Suffolk.

Feeding ducks in Risby, growing pumpkins in Laxfield, walking sheep paths and fending off thunder flies in Combs all feature in the film, along with countless other personal experiences, joys and, in some cases, minor irritations.

The dancers spent two days in rehearsals at DanceEast – one of our Make, Do & Friends partners – before travelling to each village to perform the dance in situ.

Our thanks to Tim, Helen and the dancers for creating such a beautiful dance, our creative volunteers in each village, for supporting the performances, and to all the lovely people who took part and told us, amongst other things, how to collect rosehips and dance like a pigeon.

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