Create #12: Home is …

By Arji Manuelpillai

In this activity, we are looking at the things we associate with our home. It is inspired by an amazing poem I read by the Somali poet, Warsan Shire.

Warsan wrote a poem called Home which opens with the powerful lines:

 “no one leaves home unless

home is the mouth of a shark.”

This was a powerful reflection of her life as a refugee fleeing for her life. However, in our poem we are going to reflect on our own homes.

That includes the tastes, sounds, sights and feelings in our homes. They could be true to your life but they could also be made up. It really is up to you.


  • Think about what food you associate with home. For example, it could be Home is mum’s chicken curry or home is spag bol and my wife stealing all the parmesan. Write it down.
  • Think about what sounds you associate with home. For example, it could be home is the sound of my granddaughter kicking a football. Or it could be Home is the chaser beating the contender. The more unique the better. Write it down.
  • Think about the sights you associate with home. For example, it could be Home is my mum on the hob, sleeves raised, smiling. Or it could be Home is football and a Carlsburg in my hand. Write it down.
  • Think about what smells you associate with home. For example home is the smell of grass wafting in from the window. Or home is the smell of a new morning. Write it down.
  • Think about what the feelings you have in your own home. For example, home is feeling like you belong or home is feeling contented. Or home is safety.

You can write these out on a fresh piece of paper. You are free to add more ideas, to change the order to give it more power, you could also perhaps add your own unique ideas to the mix.

The most important thing is to have fun writing, everything else will come naturally.

Please send us a copy of your poems, to so that we can post them to the Gallery and share them with everyone.

Activity Guide

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