Create #16: Jazzing up your photos Part I

By Gillian Allard

Nowadays, our phones are like mini computers; they are capable of far more than we often use them for, and we can increase that capacity, by downloading apps.

An app, (short for application), is a type of software that can be down-loaded and installed on our mobile phone and allows us to access all sorts of gadgets.

To get these Apps, you need go to the on-line shop where they are listed. Some require a fee but the photo manipulation app we are using here, PIXLR, is totally free and very useful.

There is no risk in downloading this, but please remember it is your phone and ultimately you must decide if downloading external software interests you.

Below are my original images from Create#1, to which I’ve added overlays and collage effects to jazz them up; using PIXLR, you can do this to your images, too.

Downloading PIXLR (or any  App)

  • Tap the preset icon on your phone’s homepage to open up your on-line ‘app shop’
  • On Android phones e.g. Samsung, Galaxy, Huawei, Moto, Google, the icon is Google Play
  • On an iPhone, the icon is the App Store.

When you tap the app icon on your phone, the world of app shops will open its doors.

You will see this screen or similar [1].

Begin to type Pixlr into the search bar at the top of the screen [2] – you will see some choices listed.

Tap on ‘Pixlr – photo, collages, effects’ [3].

The entire name will appear at the top in the search bar, followed by the Pixlr app details and illustration. Tap the cloud and arrow to start downloading the app [4].

You will recognise this is happening because the cloud will become a circle in blue (with a square inside) that will gradually complete itself [5].

The word OPEN will appear [5]  Tap on this.

The App will open and ask for access to your photo library [6]. Tap OK.

It will then ask you if you want Notifications; I choose DON’T ALLOW [6].

Finally, it will ask you to accept the Licence Agreement – OK this. You will only need to do this once.

Activity Guide

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