Buddying Up with Make, Do & Friends

By Dean Parkin

We are delighted to be working with the Buddy Up scheme, managed by Community Action Suffolk, and we are now offering relaxed, informal creative chats to volunteers and their buddies via telephone or, if preferred, Zoom.

Absolutely no previous experience is necessary – you don’t need to have any particular skills or knowledge and there is no pressure on participants to produce a ‘work of art’; on the contrary, it’s all about enjoying the moment and seeing what comes out of it.

By way of introduction, Dean called Sandy, one of the volunteers, the other day, for a chat about where she lives, and what she can see out of the window.

Through their conversation they created a poem, describing the river (Sandy lives on a boat) and then Sandy only went and did the most beautiful of watercolours (very apt) to illustrate the words.

If you are a Buddy Up volunteer or buddy, and would like to know more about this opportunity, please email either mdf@suffolkartlink.org.uk or nicky.russell@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk

by Dean and Sandy

A tiny orange buoy, fluorescent orange
against the dark green trees, really PING.

The sunken hull of an old ship. You wonder
how it got there, who it belonged to
and why it was left.

The other wreck further down, The Meggies.
Each tide that comes in
takes a little bit more away.
This is probably her last year.

The tide goes in and out
and every day it’s different
and yet it’s the same.
But yesterday the tide didn’t come in
so that was different.

The crane on Robertson’s Dock
helps take boats in and out the river
surrounded by masts of yachts
almost as tall.

The old wooden pontoon
where the rats live.
When the boatyard dog comes down
she has so much fun trying to dig them out
and you sometimes see the rats
swimming across from the pontoon to the shore.

The sun heating the final bits of snow
and the mist rising up
around the corners
creeping up the river.

A watercolour of a river, a hill with trees in the background and a bright orange buoy bobbing on the inky black water

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