Inspired by the Moors

By Caitlin Howells

Originally, we had hoped that Caitlin would be able to visit Eye in person and work face-to-face with residents, as part of her Connect intervention.

Instead, we had an intervention of a different sort – a second national lockdown – making personal visits impossible.

Undeterred, Caitlin made contact with Lola, an art student living in the town who has long since used Eye Town Moors as a source of inspiration for her own creative work; together, they hatched a plan.

Lola’s work speaks directly of and to the local landscape; she creates miniature magic worlds alongside the river banks, impressive land art from found objects, and exquisite illustrations of flowers and trees, all of which she shared with Caitlin via email.

Lola wanted to celebrate the magic of the Moors, so she and Caitlin planned a leaflet, illustrated with Lola’s artwork and featuring a personalised version of the Eye Town Moor Map; we hope that her interpretation will help connect others to the joy and mystery of the Moors.

Lola also wanted to make a gift, to give something by way of a treat, so each leaflet also contains a tiny envelope of seeds, for people to sow their own Seeds of Joy.

The leaflets will be available in public sites in Eye and also distributed via the town’s Healthy at Home meal service.

Below is a selection of Lola’s images, all inspired by Eye Town Moors.

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