Dean Parkin

Westhorpe village sign

Connect in Westhorpe

It was lovely to meet up with residents in Westhorpe along with the Rural Coffee Caravan and listen to some of the host of things that makes their village so…
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A Community of Writers

Zoom in on a creative writing session with poet Dean Parkin on Tuesday, 3rd November from 10:30 to midday. Join Dean (via Zoom) for a relaxed, informal creative writing session…
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Sorry We're Closed shop sign

Create #2: The Village Remembered

Think of a place you know or knew well in your village – house, shop, church, park, road or building. Imagine all the memories that the place would have. Here’s…
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Have a Cando Suffolk Day 2020

To celebrate Suffolk Day this Sunday, 21st June, we invited participants to create their own Suffolk Cando and display it in ingenious and eye-catching ways, for others to see and…
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Benedictine Abbey Ruins

BENEDICTINE ABBEY RUINS Angel signs and Leylines? St. Michael’s Mount to St Edmundsbury Mary, Raphael, Gabriel & Uriel Cartography beneath our soles. Elle for Suffolk Artlink. Suffolk CANDO Day, 21…
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Millie the Florist

Here’s “Millie the Florist”, on display in Burstall. Millie is made from odds and ends, including a gearbox casing from an old lawnmower for a torso and legs made from…
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The Field Beyond

Lindsay has lived in Beyton for 39 years and moved there from Lincolnshire. She got a job in the nearby middle school while her husband, Andy, still works as a…
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The Clock Above

Tarina from Fressingfield responded to Dean Parkin’s ‘A Picture of Where You Live’ exercise by writing about a memory of a particular autumn afternoon, not long after she had arrived…
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Paris has lived in the village for 12 years and agrees that Beyton is at its beautiful best in the spring. She also says there’s such a lovely community spirit…
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The Falling Walnut Trees of Beyton

During our creative conversation, while we making a photo of Beyton in words, Lindsay mentioned a fallen walnut tree which she can when she looks out of her window. “It…
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