Jac Campbell

A hand holds an inked up Blutack with seed head and in front is the print made using it

Create #11: A Tactile Walk

Learn a simple printing technique to record textures and objects found on a village walk. As well as the step-by-step instructions below, and the Activity Guide that you can download,…
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Create #5: Found Faces

Visual thinking, imagination and photography to reveal the hidden faces of the village. The eye loves order and looks for form in random patterns. The face is an image we…
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Connect in Clare

A walk in the Park – Clare County Park – with artist Jacqui Campbell and writer Lynn Whitehead opens up a whole new way of connecting with our a daily…
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Millie the Florist

Here’s “Millie the Florist”, on display in Burstall. Millie is made from odds and ends, including a gearbox casing from an old lawnmower for a torso and legs made from…
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Plant Share by Jacquie Campbell

Noticing early spring, I really enjoy the range of yellow/greens And have been photographing, printing and drawing with these colours since early March. I don’t know about all of you…
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The Plant Share has begun

Here are some of the stunning May blooms that have arrived via email. I’ve been playing around, layering them with local maps using digital collage, thinking about ways all the…
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Hawthorn: a celebration of May

Each day of lockdown I’ve been running along the River Lark, waiting for the moment when the creamy white Hawthorn blossoms burst open. I love this particular tree with the…
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What’s growing on my patch

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the good weather this week and managed to get outside. Before I hand over to photographer Gillian Allard I’d like to share a few photos…
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