Find what connects people in your village

Our artists will collaborate with village residents to create artworks, drawing on the many and varied ways in which communities connect.

During lockdown, people were not able to meet up and even now, as things begin to relax a little, we still need to be mindful of social distancing and keeping ourselves – and others – safe.

However, people are still out there, going to the shops, walking public footpaths, visiting local landmarks – it’s just it tends to happen in smaller groups or as individuals.

CONNECT is a way of linking those individual visits – one of our artists will work with a key person in the location, to identify a place or activity that connects local residents and will then create a piece of artwork, in response to it.

Local people will have the opportunity to join in, be it by taking an active role in contributing to the artwork, or just by enjoying its presence and what is says about the many ways we connect.

Our partner, The Rural Coffee Caravan, has started to visit rural locations again, and we’re delighted to be going along with them to enjoy the coffee (in our own mug) and connect with residents.

We will be inviting them to tell us what makes their village special for them – and share it with others by writing a postcard about their village, which we will ‘post’ here on the Connect page of the Make, Do & Friends blog site.

A photograph of the Risby village sign, bonded on to the top of a log of wood

Revealing the images of Risby

Today, we met up again in Risby, to reveal the images bonded on to the logs. Our particular thanks to Nigel, for making his barn available to store and prepare…
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Connect in writing in Risby

When Gillian visited Risby, to walk around the village and give tips on how to photograph peoples’ favourite places, there was much chat about the local history – which in…
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Connect in Laxfield

Artist Caitlin Howells is all set to run her Connect event in Laxfield – exploring the treasures we have hidden in our sheds. Earlier this year, Caitlin visited Laxfield Museum,…
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Connect in Risby

Photographer Gillian Allard joined the Connect facilitator, Jane, along with Sophie and other residents for a walk around the village and the chance to share some tips on how to…
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Connect in Clare

A walk in the Park – Clare County Park – with artist Jacqui Campbell and writer Lynn Whitehead opens up a whole new way of connecting with our a daily…
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Make, Do & Friends in Combs

During the summer, poet Dean Parkin went along with the Rural Coffee Caravan to visit Combs – and learned that many paths lead to the village bench. As a prelude…
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