Lose yourself in one of our regular creative activities

From photography to drawing, creative writing and printmaking, each activity invites you to explore and enjoy different aspects of your surroundings.
Our team of artists has produced a programme of different activities, and we’ll be posting a new one every 2 – 3 weeks.


When you have completed an activity, it would really help us if you would complete a very short survey; it will only take a couple of minutes and it will help us assess the impact the project is having. Click here to take the survey.

Create #3: My Photo Journey

Using the word ‘journey’ in its broadest possible sense, from making a cup of tea to visiting a favourite place in your village, this activity uses mobile phone photography to…
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Sorry We're Closed shop sign

Create #2: The Village Remembered

Think of a place you know or knew well in your village – house, shop, church, park, road or building. Imagine all the memories that the place would have. Here’s…
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A pile of bright red apples lying in the grass

Create #1: Windfall Land Art

I have an apple tree in my garden that continually drops windfalls. My partner gets annoyed by them lying all over the place, so he collects some up, and others…
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Have a Cando Suffolk Day 2020

To celebrate Suffolk Day this Sunday, 21st June, we invited participants to create their own Suffolk Cando and display it in ingenious and eye-catching ways, for others to see and…
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Leaf Ghosts

A simple experimental activity to re-acquaint yourself with some favourite trees in your village (or befriend some new ones) set by Caitlin Howells. Not only is it a great way…
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Benedictine Abbey Ruins

BENEDICTINE ABBEY RUINS Angel signs and Leylines? St. Michael’s Mount to St Edmundsbury Mary, Raphael, Gabriel & Uriel Cartography beneath our soles. Elle for Suffolk Artlink. Suffolk CANDO Day, 21…
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Suffolk Day 2020

Sunday 21st June is Suffolk Day and here’s a way to celebrate something, perhaps a little quirky and overlooked, about our county.

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Lockdown Plantshare Artwork

At the beginning of May I invited you to share what you were noticing on your patch of land during lockdown. I received some beautiful contributions from all over Suffolk,…
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Moving tapestries

Hi, my name’s Lewis Wickwar and I make videos. I enjoy working with people to create collaborative video art; it’s a sort of video painting, or a moving tapestry. Here’s…
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Bring your surroundings to life with some dramatic creative writing. Hello, I’m Lynn Whitehead and for over 40 years I’ve worked as a professional theatre-maker and writer, creating dramatic characters…
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A MOBILE PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE I looked up the definition of the word ‘drone’ and was quite surprised by the number of meanings. None was very positive; distant and monotonous…
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