Lose yourself in one of our regular creative activities

From photography to drawing, creative writing and printmaking, each activity invites you to explore and enjoy different aspects of your surroundings.
Our team of artists has produced a programme of different activities, and we’ll be posting a new one every 2 – 3 weeks.


When you have completed an activity, it would really help us if you would complete a very short survey; it will only take a couple of minutes and it will help us assess the impact the project is having. Click here to take the survey.

Drone in my home image grid

Here’s another Drone in my Home grid, using images sent in from Glenys in Beyton. It took me ages to work out the view of the handles, crossed over the…
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Plant Share by Jacquie Campbell

Noticing early spring, I really enjoy the range of yellow/greens And have been photographing, printing and drawing with these colours since early March. I don’t know about all of you…
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The Plant Share has begun

Here are some of the stunning May blooms that have arrived via email. I’ve been playing around, layering them with local maps using digital collage, thinking about ways all the…
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Hawthorn: a celebration of May

Each day of lockdown I’ve been running along the River Lark, waiting for the moment when the creamy white Hawthorn blossoms burst open. I love this particular tree with the…
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What’s growing on my patch

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the good weather this week and managed to get outside. Before I hand over to photographer Gillian Allard I’d like to share a few photos…
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The Clock Above

Tarina from Fressingfield responded to Dean Parkin’s ‘A Picture of Where You Live’ exercise by writing about a memory of a particular autumn afternoon, not long after she had arrived…
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Paris has lived in the village for 12 years and agrees that Beyton is at its beautiful best in the spring. She also says there’s such a lovely community spirit…
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The Falling Walnut Trees of Beyton

During our creative conversation, while we making a photo of Beyton in words, Lindsay mentioned a fallen walnut tree which she can when she looks out of her window. “It…
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Filling the Hole

Rodney has a museum in his garden at Beyton and was so busy ‘painting a dragonfly wing’ that he forgot I was supposed to be ringing him at 3pm. And…
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