Botanical illustration by Lola
A large W in the centre of this plaque, surrounded by keys, screws and bottle top impressions
Connect in Laxfield
A lady in a red anorak sits by a log, pen in hand, obviously preparing to write something on it
Connect in Risby
A Suffolk Cando by Lindsay
Ready for Action by Carl
Ready for Action by Carl
Postcards from Redlingfield
Photo Grid #6
Three logs, one with a starling, a second with some ducks and the third an image of a church tower
Connect in Risby
Once your hands took mine by Elly
A small flock of mallard ducks on the grass
Risby Ducks by Brian
A Moor tree by Lola
Green man by Lola
A lone pine silhouetted against a golden sunset
Sunset in Suffolk
The Dance We Made at Wingfield Barns
A collage by Carl
A collage by Carl