Fressingfield Church tower
A woman bends over her log, gently washing away the backing paper to her image
Connect in Risby
Photo Grid #9
A small flock of mallard ducks on the grass
Risby Ducks by Brian
Making paper during the event at Wingfield Barns, March 2020
The two dogs
Millie the florist
A large W in the centre of this plaque, surrounded by keys, screws and bottle top impressions
Connect in Laxfield
Kindness, Families and Hard Work
10 rusty old fashioned keys
Old keys found in a shed in Bridge Street
Love, people, beauty
Dean Parkin leading a Connect session in Westhorpe Village Hall
Connect in Westhorpe
A lady in a red anorak sits by a log, pen in hand, obviously preparing to write something on it
Connect in Risby
The Plant Share has begun
Oranges and local quail eggs