dean parkin

Have a Cando Suffolk Day 2020

To celebrate Suffolk Day this Sunday, 21st June, we invited participants to create their own Suffolk Cando and display it in ingenious and eye-catching ways, for others to see and…
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The Field Beyond

Lindsay has lived in Beyton for 39 years and moved there from Lincolnshire. She got a job in the nearby middle school while her husband, Andy, still works as a…
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Filling the Hole

Rodney has a museum in his garden at Beyton and was so busy ‘painting a dragonfly wing’ that he forgot I was supposed to be ringing him at 3pm. And…
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Daffodil House

Beverley has been in Beyton for nine years, lived in Suffolk for 35 years and, before that, spent some of her childhood in Bury St Edmunds. She’s known Beyton since…
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